Fly Buys is a free to join loyalty programme, which lets you collect points towards a wide range of rewards, simply by doing what you do each week- shopping! The more you shop at over 3,000 participating retail outlets, the quicker you collect points towards the reward of your choice.

Collecting Fly Buys Is Easy!

Fly Buys

New World is the only supermarket in New Zealand with Fly Buys and every time you spend $25 we give you one Fly Buys Point. So, if you spend $50 you'll get two, and so on. Plus, you can collect Bonus Points on selected products in-store. Swipe your card on every purchase to ensure automatic entry into regular competitions that we run on selected products.

Over 800,000 Kiwi's got a Fly Buys reward last year. Don't forget to use your card!

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Fly Buys points are issued on the net value of the transaction after deducting all specials and discounts. The following items are not included as qualifying spend for Fly Buys points:

  • The purchase of New World Gift Cards
  • The purchase of cigarettes and all other tobacco products
  • Adding funds to your Christmas Club
  • Fuel

However you can collect Fly Buys points when you redeem a New World Gift Card or redeem your Christmas Club funds.