New World is a proud supporter of Fairtrade, we stock one of the largest selection Fairtrade products nationwide - over 100 products – from vanilla, ice cream, bananas, chocolate, to tea, coffee, coconut drinks and kombucha.

New World
25 May '17

Last year New World sold nearly 5 million Fairtrade Certified products across all our stores.

Fairtrade is about better working conditions and sustainable livelihoods for farmers and workers in developing countries.  Not only does Fairtrade provide fair and stable prices, it also provides farming communities with an additional sum of money, which enables them to invest in social, business and environmental projects that are important to them and to plan for a brighter tomorrow.   Last year New World, through sales of Fairtrade products New World contributed over $ ¼ Million in additional funds to support farming communities.

New World were the first nationwide retailer to stock All Good Fairtrade bananas in 2010.

Over the past six years New World has sold over 34 million All Good Fairtrade bananas and have put over $500,000 back in development funding for banana growing communities in Ecuador.  This includes provision of medical clinics, school teachers, a special needs school, school supplies and much more.

“We are very thankful for the support that Foodstuffs offer us by buying our All Good Fairtrade bananas. With your help we have a stable economy and our fruit is valued at the right price. Without the sale of All Good Fairtrade Bananas our economy would collapse. I have been a small banana producer for 13 years in El Guabo and I hope to continue for many more. Thank you for the support from both All Good and Foodstuffs, I am very grateful.” - Washington Torres, El Guabo Cooperative (grower code 956)

Over 10% of all bananas sold in New World are now Fairtrade and has been the fastest growing banana category in New World over the last five years.

This is a great outcome given no Fairtrade bananas were sold in NZ before 2010.  All Good [and New World] aim to double this over the next five years.

We support Fairtrade because just like New World, Fairtrade embraces the cooperative model to empower farmers, which has strong synergies with how we work as a owner operator co-operative in New Zealand. 

Fairtrade is also about provenance, connecting those that grow and make our food with those that consume it – both of which we are passionate about at New World.  It is also great to be able to support many pioneering locally owned NZ brands from Whittakers, Wellington Chocolate Factory and Ritual Tea in Wellington, to Inca-fe Coffee in New Plymouth and Nice Blocks and All Good Bananas in Auckland who make these great products.

And when New World shoppers can buy products that support New Zealand businesses and developing world farmers it’s just another thing that makes us as New Zealanders that little bit happier still!

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