Making NZ happy together

Who is the person that makes you the happiest?

We all have a certain someone in our lives who always brings a smile to our faces no matter what. They might be a relative, or they might be a special friend. They might live round the corner, across town, or on the other side of the world, but no matter if we see them every day or once in a blue moon they always manage to make us smile.

We’d like you to tell us which person makes you the happiest, and why, and you could be in to win one of 2x Air New Zealand 2 Night Great Mystery Breaks!

Tell us which person makes you the happiest and why, for your chance to win one of 2x Air New Zealand 2 Night Great Mystery Breaks.

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Why we can’t do it alone

Happiness is contagious, and to give our country the best shot possible at getting to number 1, it’s going to need to be a team effort. There are loads of little things we can do every day to make someone else’s day that little bit happier – and they might go on and do the same!

Need a little inspiration?

Ways you can help make New Zealand even happier