A selection of canapés, drinks and nibbles that are great for sharing, plus loads of tips for better barbecues and summer entertaining.

  • Nibbles

    Selection of canapes, antipasto plates and nibbles that are great for sharing.   see more

  • Easy barbecue recipes

    From grilled salmon skewers to the classic beef burger, we’ve got plenty of delicious barbecue recipes for your outdoor feast.   see more

  • Summer drinks

    A selection of festive, fruity and refreshing cocktails, mocktails and smoothies ideal for summer.   see more

  • Sumer Mocktails Mixology

    With the warmer weather on its way, now is the perfect time of year to start making chilled fruity cocktails. If you're planning on entertaining, non-alcoholic mocktails can be a great alternative that all your friends and family can enjoy.  see more

  • New World's tips for entertaining this summer

    Entertaining never looked so effortless! Read these handy hints and tips for ways to seriously impress your guests this summer.  see more

  • Better BBQs

    Keep it exciting and interesting on the barbie with these top tips to boost your BBQ.   see more

  • Tips for cleaning your barbecue

    A barbecue is the centrepiece of Kiwi summer dining. An outdoor grill that is kept constantly clean will stay in good working order for a long time and will ensure that your food always tastes great.  see more

  • Tips for the perfect cheeseboard

    Read our tips on how to create a perfect cheese platter.  see more

  • Repurpose your food scraps

    Here are some tips to help you repurpose your food waste as these scraps may have a better use in your household than just being added to the compost bin.  see more