We’re celebrating the third year of our unique competition for beer & cider from both New Zealand and overseas.

We were delighted to have 519 different beers and ciders from 81 breweries entered into the competition. The entries were judged by an independent panel of 19 expert and experienced judges who blind-tasted and evaluated the beers & ciders over two days. They sniffed, sipped, tasted and debated each entry’s qualities using a collaborative judging approach that evaluates technical excellence, balance and, most importantly, drinkability. Gold, Silver and Bronze medals were awarded to suitably worthy entries and the coveted Champion was awarded to the finest entry in each class.

Working alongside the professionals were six Associate Judges, Liquor Managers selected from New World stores, who undertook special training for the event. They provide an opinion on each entry, but their scores don’t count towards the final mark. This incredibly valuable experience helps them select beers and ciders for their New World stores and recommend great brews.

41% of entries were awarded medals, with 27 Gold, 66 Silver and 199 Bronze medals being awarded. All the Gold medal winning beers and ciders are available in New World stores nationwide* for a limited period. Click here to see all the medal winners.

Awards medals

The integrity of the competition and the robust procedures are maintained by Craig Bowen, Chief Steward, who also ensures judges don’t taste any of their own beer entered into the competition. If you enjoy numbers, 11 pallets of beer, cider, glasses and equipment went to the Westpac Stadium in Wellington for the judging. The stewarding team set up over 4,000 bottles in their correct positions in a single day and poured well over 2,500 glasses of beer and cider over the two judging days, while our dedicated glass-washer kept the 1,000 Spiegelau glasses clean.

The competition entry requirements are that all beers & ciders must be packaged in a bottle or can and have enough stock for our thirsty customers. However, as many of these beers and ciders are brewed in small batches by independent breweries, some are limited in supply. So our advice is to buy the medal winners when you see them!

*Liquor not available at stores within Licensing Trust areas.

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