We care deeply about our community, our people and our planet. We are doing everything we can with you, to reduce our impact on Earth.

5 Jun '18

Last year we dumped microbeads from our stores – a whole year ahead of the government ban and we did something pretty cool at the same time.  We invited you to swap old microbead product for new Essano skincare – made by another fantastic New Zealand owned and operated company. 

The tubes and containers we collected across our New World stores were recycled and we captured the microbeads to ensure they didn’t make their way down the drain.  The beads were blended with soft plastics, collected from our stores, by the team at Replas and Metal Art – and we’ve created a gorgeous whale-themed bench seat that we’re donating to Whale Watch Kaikoura. It’s here where New Zealanders and visitors get up close with some of the most amazing creatures on Earth and we’d all like to be able to ensure this for generations to come.

This year on World Oceans Day we’re celebrating our commitment to phase out single-use plastic bags at the checkout nationwide and to reduce waste in all its forms.  Many of our stores have already had spectacular success diverting waste from landfill, recycling packaging, reducing energy consumption, and deploying electric vehicles and charging stations.  We also redirect the equivalent of more than four million meals each year to foodbanks and community groups.

We hope that if you get the chance to visit the team at Whale Watch Kaikoura that you take a moment and think about how small actions like recycling add up to a big and positive impact on the environment!