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Premium SMEG knives

SMEG is the well-known Italian design kitchen brand, famous for its high quality and classic retro look. The knives are made of premium quality German steel, are durable and ergonomic. These SMEG knives and knife blocks are exclusive to New World and can’t be purchased anywhere in New Zealand.

This promotion has ended.

How to care for your SMEG knives

Follow these simple handwashing tips

Bonus tips!

  • Before first use, hand wash your knives with soapy water
  • Don’t cut on hard surfaces like stone, metal or glass
  • Sharpen your knives from time to time
  • Quality stainless steel knives can develop specks of rust when exposed to moisture for a prolonged time.
  • If your knife gets a rust spot, it’s still safe to use and performance won’t be impacted.
  • If you see a rust spot use a kitchen scourer to spot clean with warm water and soap. Do not use a scourer for daily use.
  • Knife care and FAQs

    Read how the promotion works, how to care for your knives, plus terms and conditions. 

    About the knives

    Vegetable Knife 

    25 stickers
    or 12 stickers + $15

    8cm Vegetable Knife

    Professionally peeling and cutting vegetables becomes effortless thanks to the strong and smooth blade and stable top of SMEG’s versatile vegetable knife.

    RRP $59.90 

    SMEG utility knife 

    30 stickers
    or 15 stickers + $15

    13cm Utility Knife

    Thanks to the serrated blade, this is the ideal knife for cutting soft vegetables and fruit with a thin skin such as tomatoes.                                                                           

    RRP $72.90

    SMEG meat knife 

    35 stickers
    or 17 stickers + $15

    15cm Meat Knife

    This high-quality meat knife with a curved edge is particularly suitable for cutting grilled meats, like steaks.                                                                                           

    RRP $84.90

    SMEG bread knife 

    35 stickers
    or 17 stickers + $15

    19cm Bread  Knife

    The classic serrated cut allows you to cut the crispy crust with little pressure, without crushing the soft interior.                                                                                             

    RRP $84.90

    Santoku knife 

    40 stickers
    or 20 stickers + $15

    18cm Santoku Knife

    Japanese knife with straight edge. Use this versatile santoku knife to cut meat and fish, to cut your vegetables into cubes and to finely chop herbs.                                          

    RRP $94.90

    Chef knife 

    40 stickers
    or 20 stickers + $15

    19cm Chefs Knife

    With this all-rounder you can finely chop herbs. slice vegetables and cut fish and meat into pieces.                                                                                                                          

    RRP $94.90

    Knife block 

    40 stickers PLUS $50

    Knife Block - Strictly limited stock 

    6-Slot acacia wood knife block (knives not included) in retro design available in two colours: Cream, and black. Not only practical for storing your SMEG knives, but also a real eye-catcher in every kitchen. Keep your SMEG knives organised & safe!

    RRP $179.90