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How do I get a set of premium glasses?

Collect stickers

Receive a sticker with every $20 you spend in-store or online. Collect your stickers on an official New World Spiegelau Collector’s Card, which you can pick up in-store. Collect stickers faster with these weekly bonus products

Redeem for glasses

Once you’ve collected a full set of stickers you can redeem for a pair of glasses, there are six styles to choose from. Select your set in-store and present your sticker booklet at check-out. Cash top ups are available, see FAQs for details.

Online shoppers

Your stickers will be in an envelope delivered with your groceries, and can redeem your stickers when your groceries are delivered.  


Bonus stickers

What glasses can I choose from?

Not only are these beautiful crystalline glasses dishwasher safe and durable, they are made from the highest quality ingredients to produce fine glassware with brilliant clarity.   

Made in Germany and the Czech Republic, Spiegelau combines machine made accuracy with five centuries of manufacturing expertise.  

No wonder Spiegelau is the wine lovers preferred glass.  

  • Improved breakage resistance  
  • Certified dishwash safe and tested to fulfil 1,500 cycles in a household dishwasher  
  • Certified environmental management 
  • Made of lead-free crystalline glass in Germany and the Czech Republic 
  • Terms and conditions

    • Read New World Spiegelau promotion terms and conditions


      1. Foodstuffs (N.Z.) Limited (Foodstuffs) is the promoter of the New World Spiegelau Glassware Promotion (Promotion).

      2. By accepting a sticker and/or a Collectable (as defined below) you agree to these terms and conditions.

      Participating Stores

      3. The Promotion is being run at all New World stores nationwide plus online at and through the IShop mobile application (Participating Stores).

      Promotion Period

      4. The Promotion runs from 4 November 2019 – 12 January 2020 or until stock of any or each Collectable runs out (Promotional Period).

      How to get a Sticker

      5. To collect a sticker, you must spend $20 or more (excluding spend on Christmas Club deposits, gift cards, prepaid debit cards, travel card top ups, phone card top ups, tobacco products, New Zealand Lotteries tickets and purchases paid for through charge accounts or purchases intended for wholesale or resale) in a single transaction at any Participating Store during the Promotional Period (Qualifying Spend).

      6. Subject to clauses 0 and 14, one sticker will be given per Qualifying Spend. For example, $20 = 1 sticker, $40 = 2 stickers, $60 = 3 stickers and so on.

      7. Stickers must be collected on one pre-printed official ‘New World Spiegelau Collector’s Card’ and cannot be collected on multiple ‘New World Spiegelau Collectors Cards’.

      8. You can get a sticker:

      a. at checkouts at the time of a Qualifying Spend;
      b. from the customer service station when using the self-checkout after a Qualifying Spend; or
      c. for online shopping customers who have made a Qualifying Spend, in the envelope containing the stickers earnt and delivered with your groceries.

      How to get a Collectable

      9. You can redeem the stickers you collect to receive Collectables during the Promotional Period in accordance with these terms and conditions.

      10. Instore: If you redeem your stickers instore during the Promotional Period, you can either: a. Stickers only: collect the number of stickers specified below to receive the corresponding Collectable; or b. Stickers and payment: collect the number of stickers specified below and pay the amount specified below to receive the corresponding Collectable (Cash Top Up).              

      Collectable    Stickers only Cash Top Up - Payment and stickers 
       2 x New World Spiegelau Red Wine Glass  30 stickers  12 stickers and $10.00
       2 x New World Spiegelau White Wine Glass  30 stickers  12 stickers and $10.00
       2 x New World Spiegelau Champagne Flute  30 stickers  12 stickers and $10.00
       2 x New World Spiegelau Long Drink  35 stickers   14 stickers and $10.00
       2 x New World Spiegelau Whiskey Glass  35 stickers  14 stickers and $10.00
       2 x New World Spiegelau Beer Glass  25 stickers  10 stickers and $10.00

      11. If you are using the Cash Top Up option you must make the required payment at the time the stickers are redeemed in accordance with clause 8.a or 8.b.

      12. Online: If you are an online shopping customer and redeem your stickers when your groceries are delivered during the Promotional Period, you must collect the number of stickers below to receive the corresponding Collectable. The Cash Top Up option is not available if you redeem your stickers when your groceries are delivered in accordance with clause 8.c.

      Collectable Stickers
      2 x New World Spiegelau Red Wine Glass 30 stickers
      2 x New World Spiegelau White Wine Glass 30 stickers
      2 x New World Spiegelau Champagne Flute 30 stickers
      2 x New World Spiegelau Long Drink 35 stickers
      2 x New World Spiegelau Whiskey Glass 35 stickers
      2 x New World Spiegelau Beer Glass 25 stickers

      13. Each Collectable requires a separate full set of stickers, as specified in clauses 10 (for instore) and 12 (for online), which are not cumulative. For example, a. you must collect 30 stickers to receive a pair of Spiegelau Red Wine Glasses and you must then collect an additional 30 stickers to receive another pair of Spiegelau Red Wine Glasses; or b. if you are redeeming your stickers instore and choose the Cash Top Up option, you must collect 12 stickers and pay $10.00 to receive a pair of Spiegelau Red Wine Glasses and you must then collect an additional 12 stickers and pay an additional $10.00 to receive another pair of Spiegelau Red Wine Glasses.

      Bonus stickers

      At certain times during the Promotional Period, you will be able to collect ‘Bonus Stickers’ by purchasing a particular supplier’s products or product bundle (Bonus Supplier Products or Product Bundle). These products and their promotion dates are listed at here. One Bonus Sticker will be given for each Bonus Supplier Product or Product Bundle purchased and may be used towards the required number of stickers required to be collected to receive a Collectable, as noted in clause 10 and 12.

      Double stickers

      14. During certain time periods during the Promotional Period, as selected by the Promoter (Double Sticker Period), when customers make a Qualifying Spend during the Double Sticker Period, the customer will receive two stickers for every Qualifying Spend. For example, $20 = 2 stickers, $40 = 4 stickers, $60 = 6 stickers and so on.

      Other things you should know

      15. To be eligible to participate in this Promotion you must be 18 years of age or older. 16. The Promoter accepts no responsibility for lost stickers or Collector’s Cards.

      17. Stickers, Bonus Stickers, Collector’s Cards or Collectables are not transferable or redeemable for cash.

      18. The Promoter reserves the right to modify, suspend or terminate this Promotion at any time.

      19. The Stickers, Collector’s Cards and the Collectables themselves (either individual or complete sets) must not be exchanged or on-sold.

      Exclusion of liability

      20. Subject to any applicable laws which cannot be excluded, the Promoter and each Participating Store, their respective employees and agents will not be liable for any loss, damage or injury of any nature incurred or suffered by any person (including but not limited to direct or consequential loss or loss arising from negligence) arising directly or indirectly out of or in connection with this Promotion or with redeeming stickers in exchange for Collectables.

      21. The Promoter and any Participating Store may, in their sole discretion, refuse to provide stickers or a Collectable if it believes that a customer has behaved in a fraudulent or dishonest manner, or otherwise than in accordance with these terms and conditions.


      22. In the event of a dispute concerning any aspect of the promotion the decision of the Promoter will be final. No correspondence concerning any decision made by the Promoter will be entered into.


      23. Any questions relating to this promotion should be referred to the Marketing Department, Foodstuffs (N.Z.) Limited, Auckland, New Zealand or phone 0800 463 996.

    FAQs about the promotion

    • When can I earn stickers?
      New World customers can earn stickers from 00:01am on 4 November 2019 to 11.59pm on 12 January 2020 (“Campaign Period”). 
    • When can I redeem stickers?

      New World customers can redeem stickers from 00:01am 4 November 2019 to 11.59pm 26 January 2020 (“Redemption Period”). 

    • How can I earn stickers?

      For every $20 spent in one transaction after any applicable discounts (“Qualifying Spend”) at any New World store, or at New World Online, New World will provide customers with one sticker.

    • Can anyone participate in the promotion?

      Yes, this promotion is open to all New World Customers. 

    • Can I collect and redeem stickers at any New World store?

      Yes, Customers can earn and redeem stickers at any New World store across both the North and South Island.

    • What is the Recommended Retail Price of the glasses?

      Beer glass 2pcs $34.90
      Champagne glass 2pcs $39.90
      Red wine glass 2pcs $39.90
      White wine glass 2pcs $39.90
      Longdrink 2pcs $49.90
      Mixdrink/Whiskey glass 2pcs $49.90

      Glassware cannot be purchased during the Campaign Period at the retail price.

    • Can I receive Bonus stickers?

      One bonus sticker will be awarded when a customer purchases one or more product deals from a participating brand or product range. See here for weekly bonus sticker products.

    • Can I earn stickers when I shop online?

      Yes. You will receive stickers in your I Shop Click and Collect or Delivery order. If your stickers were missing please ring the customer services team at your store and let them know that your stickers were missing in your order and they’ll sort you out.

    • What if I lose my stickers?

      Stickers should be treated like cash and thus cannot be replaced if lost or damaged.

    FAQs about the glasses

    • What is the volume of the glasses?

      Red wine glass: 490ml / 16,57 oz

      White wine glass: 380ml / 12,85 oz

      Champagne glass: 250ml / 8,45 oz

      Beer glass: 400ml / 13,53 oz

      Long drink glass: 550ml / 18,6 oz

      Mix drink glass: 430ml / 14,54 oz

    • Where are the Spiegelau glasses produced?
      The Spiegelau red wine, white wine, champagne and beer glasses are produced in the Czech Republic and Germany. The Spiegelau long drink glass and mix drink glass are produced in Germany.
    • What are the glasses made of?

      The glasses are made of lead-free, crystalline glass.

    • Are the glasses dishwasher safe?

      Yes, the glasses are dishwasher safe. We recommend washing them not higher than 55C in the dishwasher. To keep crystalline glasses of perfect quality we recommend washing the items by hand in warm water with a mild detergent and a soft dishcloth.

    • How do I look after my glasses?

      You can delay wear and tear by washing the glasses by hand.The glasses are breakable. The glasses are not suitable for use in the microwave or oven. You cannot put the glasses in the freezer and we do not recommend putting the glasses in the fridge. Crystalline glasses are not suitable to be used for hot drinks or boiling water.They are scratch resistant, but not scratch proof. The glasses suitable for acidic nutrients. Products with colorants will not harm the glass.

    • Is the glass fully recyclable?

      Yes, glass is fully recyclable which makes it a durable and environmentally friendly product. We’ve made a conscious effort to ensure all New World promotions are environmentally-friendly, and this one is no exception. The Spiegelau glasses are 100% reusable and recyclable. The box the glasses come in is made out of cardboard and is fully recyclable at kerbside.