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6423 Sawmill Baltic Porter

Sawmill Baltic Porter



Brewed In


What to expect:

Silky chocolate and roast coffee delight

Judges Comments:

This is described as a robust porter, which means it has got a bit of an edge to it that takes it closer towards the flavours you’d find in a stout, with just a hint of roastiness adding a gravelly edge to an otherwise luxuriously smooth body. The catch with a Baltic Porter is that it is brewed with a lager yeast to deliver a really clean, light body. This impeccably balances the alcohol and had the judges swooning at its silky texture and complex flavours of coffee, chocolate and wood ash. “Complex beer. Good malts. Good hops. Good water. Good ferment. The beer is good,” the judges wrote.


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Pairing Recommendation:

Complexity lends itself to versatility. Smoked meats are a perfect offset for the bold sweet malts, but equally it can a creamy vanilla dessert or after-dinner cheese platter.