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9907 Urbanaut Copacabana Brut IPA

Urbanaut Copacabana Brut IPA



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What to expect:

Light, dry, with fruit salad hops

Judges Comments:

What is a Brut IPA? Think of it as the opposite to the on-trend hazy IPA with their thick, creamy mouthfeel. And also opposite to the big bitterness found in traditional West Coast style IPA. Using techniques developed to brew low-carb beer, Brut IPA has zero residual sugar so you get a super-dry, light and airy beer with a delicate mouthfeel that’s refreshing and cleansing like a lager. But because it’s an IPA, it’s still loaded with hops but they’re used in a way that minimises bitterness and actually gives the perception of sweetness – in this case like a tin of fruit salad. Urbanaut, based in Auckland’s restaurant-heavy Kingsland, pioneered this style in New Zealand and are still making the best possible version of it.


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Pairing Recommendation:

Light-bodied but fruity-hopped IPA loves spicy and creamy curries. It has enough thirst-quenching qualities to battle the heat and enough hops to hold up to the spice. Go Thai red chicken curry.