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Behemoth’s 12 Beers of Christmas 

Behemoth Brewing Company and Radio Hauraki have got their heads together and lined up the 12 beers of Christmas. Available in New World stores, they’re ideal for Secret Santa gifts and a neat option for the Big Day for that ‘hard to buy for’ person in your life.

You can even download our special Behemoth gift-wrap and gift tag here – all ready to print, and you can colour them in to show how much you care!  

Here’s the 12 Beers of Christmas, along with Behemoth’s tasting notes - your Christmas solutions in a dozen easy steps… 

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Chur NZ Pale Ale 

5.5% ALC/VOL

“Our signi-chur beer. This is NZ hops in a bottle or glass. A tropical hop fruit salad if you will. A refreshing bitterness that makes you want to come back for another sip. This beer is all about having a great flavour packed bigger tasting beer and enjoying the churness of good friends and family. Chur!”

Hopped Up on Pils


“The New Zealand Pilsner is a beautiful thing. It takes the crispness and refreshing qualities of a pilsner and adds the flavours and aromas of NZ hops into the mix, creating big aromatics like an IPA. This beer is one that people new to craft beer will love, but still has enough hops to satisfy the dedicated hop heads.”

Adulting Session Hazy IPA 

4.5% ALC/VOL - (Part of the Box of Hops #4 mixed 6 pack)

“Wake up early, get to work on time, I’m Adulting. Gotta save every dollar, every dime. I’m Adulting. Can’t eat lollies every day. I’m Adulting. Gotta keep an eye on what I weigh. I’m Adulting. Gotta save that coin for a blender. I’m Adulting. Can’t be sporadic, gotta plan. I’m Adulting. Gotta get my kids in my mini van. I’m Adulting. We know you have to adult sometimes. So we made this seriously hoppy but session-able Hazy IPA with Riwaka, Mosaic, Mosaic Cryo and Idaho#7 hops. Massive fruit flavours and aromas, you can still adult if you need to. I’m Adulting!”

Hopportunity Double IPA


“Life is full of new Hopportunities. It is best to never let a Hopportunity pass you by. So, we made this beer in celebration of hops and the massive amounts of flavours and aromas they can bring. To us, hops have limitless potential; they can be used in an unlimited amount of combinations. Hops are like opportunities in life. We are taking this Hopportunity to pack in some of our favourite hops from around the world into this one big New World Style Double IPA; to save you from choosing the hops yourself. So, hop on in, this hoption is a good one.”

Me Time Mosaic Hazy IPA

6.8% ALC/VOL

“Sometimes you just need a little "me time", you know, time alone to get to know yourself again. Hops feel the same way. So we bring you Me Time – Single Hopped Mosaic Hazy IPA. This beer was named Best IPA in New Zealand at the Brewers Guild Awards 2019. If you love hops, you will likely love what Mosaic brings to the table (or the couch). So why wait? Have some me time and get to know the big complex mango and citrus flavours of Mosaic!”

Stay-cation Hazy IPA


“Well New Zealand. Looks like we are not going overseas any time soon. So let’s make the most of our backyard. It is a pretty awesome place to be stuck! So go explore. Nelson over New York, Christchurch over Copenhagen, Wellington over Washington, Auckland over Oakland, Levin over London, Rangiora over Rome, Taihape over Taipei,  Timaru over Tokyo, Palmy over Paris, Dunners over Dubai, Martinborough over Mumbai, Stewart Island over Seoul, Aoraki over Amsterdam, Hamilton over Fiji... So let’s make the most of the Kiwi summer with this hoppy yet easy drinking Hazy IPA using Nelson Sauvin, Motueka, Taiheke, Nectaron and Riwaka hops.”

Brain Smiles Hazy Pale Ale

5.4% ALC/VOL

“It is commonly said that drinking beer is like pouring smiles on your brain. And we would have to agree that a great beer does make our brain happy! So, we thought we would take our love for Hazy IPAs and bring that down to a slightly more session-able Hazy Pale Ale. Still loads of hops and loads of juiciness, but a bit more moderate on the alcohol. Turn that frown upside down and pour some smiles on your brain.”

Freedom APA

5.6% ALC/VOL

“Taste like Freedom should.  A boldly hoppy APA that won Top 30 Gold Medal at the New World Beer and Cider Awards 2019.”

Lid Ripper IPA

6.9% ALC/VOL

“Our hazy, unfiltered IPA. Using a stupid amount of American hops and an English ale yeast. This beer is extremely juicy and aromatic. Rip the Lid off one!”

Murica APA


“This beer represents freedom. Freedom to enjoy all them 'Murican hops. 'Murica shows off huge aromas and flavours from some of our favourite hops. Stone fruit and pine burst out at ya, these taste of Freedom and loose gun laws! Enjoy y’all”

Something Hoppy IPA

5.9% ALC/VOL

“Something Hoppy is an India Pale Ale made with Citra, Azacca and El Dorado hops that meld over a lovely malt cushion. Sometimes all you need is something hoppy and this is the beer for those times. To be fair, most times are those times.”

Save this for last Hazy IPA  

Part of the Box of Hops #4 mixed 6 pack

“If you have read the Adulting label. I spent all my creative juices on making things rhyme. So just drink this one last as it has the most hops and if you drink this first the other ones won’t taste as good. Simple enough I guess. We have used Simcoe, Mosaic and Galaxy to give pineapple and passionfruit with a hint of pine. Save this for last, it’s a good one.”

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