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Be in with a chance to win a $500K classic Kiwi Bach

Terms and conditions

1. Entry into this competition is deemed acceptance of these and any other applicable terms and conditions. This competition may have additional terms and conditions and wherever possible the additional terms and conditions will be posted at 


2. The Promoters of this competition are Foodstuffs (N.Z.) Limited (‘Foodstuffs’) and Heinz Wattie’s Limited (‘Supplier’) jointly (Promoters).

Promotion Period and how to enter

3. The competition commences on 30/08/2021 and runs until close of trade on 12/09/2021 (Promotion Period).

Eligible Purchase 

4. You will receive one entry in the draw each time you purchase any four or more Wattie’s products during the Promotion Period and scan your Clubcard card instore at the time of payment, or when you enter your Clubcard details before the time of payment for online shopping purchases (Eligible Purchase) at all New World stores nationwide plus online at, including Fresh Collective by New World (Participating Stores).

When your Clubcard is scanned (or entered in the case of online purchases) you will automatically be entered into the draw. 

5. You will only receive one entry into the competition even if you purchase multiple participating products in your Eligible Purchase.

6. If an entry is made by a Clubcard secondary card holder scanning that Clubcard, the entry will be made in the name of the primary Clubcard holder. 

Eligibility to enter and to win a prize

7. To be eligible to enter this competition and win a prize:

a) you cannot be a New World staff member; 
b) you must have made an Eligible Purchase;
c) you must be a current Clubcard member; 
d) you must be a New Zealand resident and 18 years of age or older; 
e) you must consent to Foodstuffs and Supplier using your name, photo, hometown and image for publicity and promotional purposes (including the display of your name in store) and you must make yourself available for publicity photographs relating to the competition on request for no additional compensation. 

How winners will be selected

The Prize Winner/s will be drawn by Loyalty New Zealand Limited (Loyalty) on behalf of Foodstuffs by 27/09/2021 by random electronic selection from all entries. There will be two (2) Prizes drawn. One in the North Island and one in the South Island. 

Each prize includes: 

The opportunity for the Prize Winner to play a Game (details of the Game below) at the store that the winner purchased the products from for the chance to win $500,000 cash to put towards a Bach, (Major Prize); and
A guaranteed prize of $5,000 NZD cash (pending the outcome of the Game - i.e. this prize will only be awarded if the Prize Winner achieves Outcome 3 of the Game); and
A Prize Weekend away at a Bach selected by The Promoter (Waiheke for North Island winner / Queenstown for South Island winner), valued at $3,000. The prize includes;

o Transfer (or travel allowance) from winners’ home to local airport
o Return flights to Auckland (North Island) and Queenstown (South Island) for 2 people
o Transfers from airport to Bach destination, near to the airport of the major centre.
o 2 nights accommodation in selected Bach
o Wattie’s Hamper of selected product
o $500 Food/drink allowance
o Transfers back to airport for flight home
The Game

8. The two (2) independent Games (one (1) per Prize Winner) will take place on two (2) separate dates in October 2021 at a time between 9.00am and 5.00pm and at location to be determined by the Promoter or virtually online (e.g. via Zoom), as determined by the Promoter. The Games will be conducted separately, and each Prize Winner has the chance to win the Major Prize.

9. Each Game will consist of twenty (20) Tomato Sauce bottles / envelopes: 

a) two (2) Tomato Sauce bottles / envelopes will contain promotional messages representing winning symbols; and
b) the other eighteen (18) Tomato Sauce bottles / envelopes will each contain promotional messages representing non-winning symbols (Game).
Note: Prize money will be awarded to the winner via transfer to the winner’s nominated NZ bank account.

10. To play the Game, the Prize Winner must choose two (2) Tomato Sauce bottles / envelopes without touching, handling or interfering in any way with any of the other Tomato Sauce bottles / envelopes on display. If the Prize Winner is found to have breached this condition, he/she will be disqualified. 

a. Outcome 1: If the Prize Winner selects the two Tomato Sauce bottles/envelopes containing promotional messages representing the winning symbols, then, subject to verification by the judges, the Prize Winner will win the Major Prize of $500,000.
b. Outcome 2: If the Prize Winner selects one (1) Tomato Sauce bottle/envelope containing a promotional message representing one winning symbol and selects one (1) Tomato Sauce bottle/envelope containing a promotional message representing one non-winning symbol, then the $500,000 prize will not be given away and, subject to verification by the judges, the Prize Winner will win the Minor Prize of $10,000.
c. Outcome 3: If the Prize Winner selects two (2) Tomato Sauce bottles/envelopes containing a promotional message representing two (2) non-winning symbols, then the $500,000 prize will not be given away and, subject to verification by the judges, the Prize Winner will receive the Consolation Prize of $5,000.

11. If the Prize Winner cannot attend the Game, the Prize Winner may appoint a proxy 18 years of age or over to play the Game on his/her behalf provided that the Prize Winner gives the Promoter written, signed notice to that effect at least 48 hours before the start of the Game. The game can also be played remotely, via video-conference (i.e. Zoom).

12. The Game will be monitored by an independent supervisor/Loss Adjustor appointed by the underwriter of the Major Prize and their instructions must be followed at all time. 

13. The total maximum prize pool (inclusive of the trip component, per applicable Game – one (1) for North Island and one (1) for South Island) is up to $1,006,000 ($503,000 per Prize Winner).

If prize becomes unavailable

14. Subject to any applicable law that cannot be excluded, Foodstuffs or Heinz Wattie’s Limited is not responsible or liable for any loss suffered by any entrant in the event that a prize becomes unavailable for reasons beyond its control. In this event, Foodstuffs may substitute a prize of its choice.

15. In the event that either Game during October 2021 (as determined by the Promoter) is postponed or cancelled due to any unforeseen circumstances, including but not limited to a COVID-19 lockdown, the Promotor reserves the right to reschedule either of the Game component/s of the Prize to a new date, time and location or conduct via Zoom

16. Should COVID-19 lockdown or similar impact the ability for a Prize Winner to travel to the weekend away, the Promoter reserves the right ot substitute the prize.

Notifying winners

17. Winners will be notified by Foodstuffs or the Supplier once a draw has been completed within 5 working days of the draw, via the contact details on record for the Clubcard used to enter the competition (or the primary Clubcard card holder if a secondary card was used). In the event that a winner cannot be contacted within 5 working days of a draw occurring or if Foodstuffs determines that a winner is not eligible to participate in a draw the prize will be forfeited, a further draw will be conducted, and the prize allocated to the new winner.

18. Foodstuffs and Supplier arenot responsible if a winner cannot be contacted following the draw due to incorrect or out of date contact details being recorded in Clubcard’s system, and any such winner will forfeit the prize to the next eligible winner, on these Terms and Conditions.

Prize conditions

19. The Prize Game must take place in October, 2021. The Prize Game will take place at the store in which the winner purchased the product, and the winner will be required to travel there at their own expense. The winner is solely responsible for attending the event at a timely manner. If for any reason they do not turn up to the agreed Prize draw time and date, winners will automatically default to the guaranteed $5,000 prize (as per Outcome 3 in The Game, 10c). 

20. The Travel component of the Prize must be taken before 30 November 2021. No alterations, extensions or variation on these travel dates or arrangements will be permitted. All components of the Prize must be taken together. Any changes or additions to the booking may incur a cancellation or amendment fee, at the cost of the winner. The winner will be solely responsible for his/her travel companion, including ensuring that the travel companions comply with all applicable laws and regulations.

Verifying compliance with these terms

21. Foodstuffs reserves the right to verify the identity of any entrant (including an entrant's identity, age, city/town of residence and place of employment) and to verify the validity of entries and to disqualify any entry or refuse to award a prize where false or misleading details have been given by an entrant, or an entrant has behaved in a fraudulent or dishonest manner, or otherwise than in accordance with these Terms and Conditions. 

Exclusion of liability

22. Subject to any applicable laws which cannot be excluded, Foodstuffs and Supplier , any Participating Store, their respective employees and agents will not be liable for any loss, damage or injury of any nature incurred or suffered by any person (including but not limited to direct or consequential loss or loss arising from negligence) arising directly or indirectly out of or in connection with this competition or with winning, redeeming or benefiting from the prize.


23. In the event of a dispute concerning any aspect of the competition including eligibility the decision of Foodstuffs will be final. No correspondence concerning any decision made by Foodstuffs will be entered into.

Additional terms

24. In addition to these Terms and Conditions, terms and conditions of your Clubcard will also apply and can be viewed at

25. The Promoters reserve the right to amend, suspend or terminate the competition and these Terms and Conditions at any time. 


26. All entries remain the property of Foodstuffs and Loyalty. Your personal information may be used to conduct this competition and for future promotional and publicity purposes in relation to this competition.  By entering this competition you consent to the use of your personal information by Foodstuffs and Supplier for these purposes. Foodstuffs’ New World Privacy Policy will apply to all personal information that we collect from you.  Supplier’s Privacy Policy can be found here


27. Any questions regarding this competition or promotion contact Supplier.