Make sure your summer BBQ is complete with these delicious side-dishes!

Whilst what's on the barbecue is often the main event, the side-dishes are what really takes your meal to the next level. Take a look at this collection of what to cook at your next barbecue

  • Courgettes with lemon dressing

    Alfa One

    A delicious, healthy and tasty vegetable dish made easy with Alfa One Rice Bran Oil  see more

  • Pancetta & summer berry salad

    New World

    A delightful combination of flavours and colours makes this salad a winner.  see more

  • Nice summer salad


    A product of the sun, the Niçoise salad is traditionally built around ripe tomatoes, egg, olives, anchovies or tuna and should be vibrant with the crisp, sweet flavours of summer vegetables (turns out adding potatoes and greens beans is highly controversial). Either way, it’s a bright and breezy salad that makes an easy dinner. This one deserves a lovely cold glass of rosé or riesling to wash it down.  see more

  • Roasted Summer Vegetables & Quinoa Salad


    Make the most of summer vegetables with this delicious salad. Add for an easy café-style salad.  see more

  • Pineapple bacon bites


    These moreish bites are so popular at parties and easy to make. The sweetness of the fresh pineapple with the bacon is just divine.   see more

  • Wendy's bacon, feta and spinach salad

    Wendy Perrin
    30 Aug 2013

    Our fresh experts share their favourite recipes using the best ingredients available at New World.  see more

  • Carrot and cucumber salad

    Renuka Swaroop Bangalore Krishnamurthy

    This is one of my favourite summer salads. Since we are just going to be entering spring....there is no better time for this super tasting salad. I have made this in my very own way. Healthy to eat and great to taste, this salad is not easily forgotten.  see more

  • Coleslaw with a twist

    Wendy Rogerson

    "A fantastic refreshing change to the good old coleslaw... Even the kids will like this with the noodles."  see more

  • Zucchini, mint and feta fritters

    Tiffany Firth

    These are perfect for a light lunch with a little side salad or make them bite size and serve them as little canapes, fresh, tasty, healthy and delicious they are always the first things to disappear when doing the rounds at a party.  see more

  • Honey Grilled Stonefruit with Whipped Ricotta

    Claire Aldous for Dish Magazine

    This is a method rather than a recipe so cook as much fruit as you need. I always roast plenty as any leftover fruit is delicious for breakfast with granola or porridge and yoghurt.   see more