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Elliot's Smoked gurnard, watercress and garlic purée, cabbage and jus

Serves   1
Prep time: 45 mins
Cooking time: 1 hr

Elliot's dish from the New World Matariki Invention Test - episode 9 of Three's MasterChef New Zealand.

As seen on MasterChef

Smoked gurnard, watercress and garlic purée, cabbage and jus




Sous vide and smoked gurnard
  • 1 gurnard
  • 50g butter
  • Salt to taste
Fish jus
  • 1 fish frame
  • 350ml white wine
  • 1 shallot, peeled and chopped
  • 1 lemon, juiced
  • 200ml water
  • 50ml olive oil
  • 100g butter, diced
Crispy gurnard skin
  • 2 gurnard skins
  • 3 Tbsp olive oil
  • Salt to taste
Crispy cabbage
  • 3 cabbage leaves
  • Sugar to taste
  • Salt to taste
  • 1 horopito leaf
  • 75g kūmara
  • 1 shallot, peeled
  • 3 Tbsp olive oil
  • Salt and pepper to taste
Baby carrot ribbons
  • 2 baby carrots
  • 20g butter
  • 1 thyme sprig
  • 3 toothpicks
Watercress and roast garlic purée
  • 100g watercress
  • 30ml olive oil
  • 1 garlic bulb
  • 1 kawakawa leaf

This recipe was created by a contestant on Three's MasterChef New Zealand, some ingredients and tools may not be available at your local New World.


Sous vide and smoked gurnard 
  1. Fillet the Gurnard. Skin each piece and reserve bones and skin. 
  2. Remove the pin bones.  
  3. Vac pack with 50g of butter,  
  4. Place into a sous vide bath at 55°C for 20 mins. 
  5. Open bag and cold smoke and keep in a warm place to rest.  
  6. Season before serving.  
Fish jus 
  1. Heat olive oil in a large bottom stock pot, add in the fish frame and any trim.  
  2. Caramelise bones and add in shallots and lemon.  
  3. Add in wine to deglaze. 
  4. Add in water and reduce by half and colour has deepened. 
  5. Strain into a pot. Add butter in to achieve a glossiness. 
  6. Adjust seasoning and keep warm to serve.  
Crispy gurnard skin 
  1. Lay the skin from fillets in between 2x baking trays. 
  2. Season with salt and olive oil.  
  3. Bake 180°C for 15mins or until crisp.  
  4. Let cool and set aside. 
Crispy cabbage
  1. Chop out the thick part of the cabbage leaves, discarding any major veins.  
  2. Deep fry at 160°C for 5mins. 
  3. Season with sugar and salt, to create a smoky sweet flavour.  
  4. Keep warm to serve.  
Roasted kumara and shallot 
  1. Dice Kumara and sauté in a pan with shallots in olive oil, until lightly coloured.  
  2. Finish in the oven at 180°C for 10 mins or until golden. 
  3. Season and set aside. 
Baby carrot ribbons 
  1. Melt butter with thyme let infuse for about 5 mins 
  2. Peel carrots into ribbons. 
  3. Assemble into 3x rounds and hold them together with toothpicks.  
  4. Saute until slightly charred on either side, brush with more butter and salt before serving. 
Watercress and roast garlic purée 
  1. Blanch watercress in seasoned boiling water and refresh in ice water.  
  2. Squeeze out excess water and blend in a food processor with roasted garlic and oil until smooth.  
  3. Season and set aside. 
  1. Plate with grace and style.