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Anchor Trim Low Fat UHT Milk 1l

Anchor Trim Low Fat UHT Milk 1l






Anchor Trim Milk UHT provides the goodness of milk with the flexibility of being ready when you need it. As well as being a source of protein to fuel muscles*it's packed with calcium to help build strong bones* it's also 99% fat free. Since this product can be stored in the cupboard, it’s a handy back-up for those impromptu baking sessions or surprise visitors. *when consumed as part of a healthy eating plan

Standardised Low Fat Milk

Contains Milk

Serving/pack: 4 Serving size: 250ml

NutrientPer 100mlPer Serving
Fat - Total0.1g0.3g
Fat - Saturated0.1g0.2g
Sugar - Total5g12.4g

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