Off Family Care Insect Repellent Spray 175ml

$5.37 per 100ml
9 39 ea

OFF! Skintastic Family Care Spray 175ml

OFF! Skintastic family care insect repellent spray with Picaridin is highly effective, yet gentle to skin in a softly scented, non greasy formula. It is specially formulated for the whole family, including children 12 months and over with up to 4 hours repellency against mosquitoes, flies, sandflies, and other biting insects. Active constituent is Picaridin - can be used on children from 12+ Months

* Free from DEET - can be used on children from 12+ Months

* Up to 4 hours protection against mosquitoes, flies, sandflies and ticks

* Non- greasy formula for better skin feel

* With Aloe Vera and mild scent

* Easy to use pump spray format