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Proper Crisps Marlborough Sea Salt Potato Crisps 150g

Proper Crisps Marlborough Sea Salt Potato Crisps 150g






Proper was founded on a longing for a real potato crisp. And when we say real, we mean really real - like the traditional crisps people used to make before robots started messing with our food. Cooked by hand and seasoned with care, that first crisp was not just better, it was transcendent. Memorable, shareable and addictively delicious. It awakened a fire within us, starting a movement for meaningful snacks that continues to this day. It’s why Proper snacks are cooked by people and hand selected for perfection, every potato, every crisp, every cracker. We are in the business of making edible masterpieces. Are we obsessed? We prefer devoted. Crazy? Probably. But for us, the end result makes it all worthwhile. Real, scrumptious, and cooked by hand since always. So come, open a bag and experience the great Snack Awakening.

Potatoes, High Oleic Sunflower Oil, Marlborough Sea Salt

Serving/pack: 3.7 Serving size: 40g

NutrientPer 100gPer Serving
Fat - Total27.9g11.2g
Fat - Saturated2.8g1.1g
Sugar - Total2.1g0.8g

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