Head & Shoulders Anti-Dandruff Clean & Balanced Shampoo 200ml

$2.50 per 100ml
4 99 ea

- 7 Benefits: fights dry scalp, calms itchy scalp*, relieves irritation*, reduces redness*, great scent, controls flaky scalp* and leaves hair looking great
- Formulated with Head & Shoulders' NEW Fresh Scent Technology for an improved in-shower scent experience
- Anti-dandruff shampoo that gives you soft, manageable, great-looking 100% flake-free** hair.
Head & Shoulders Clean & Balanced anti-dandruff shampoo effectively removes dandruff and prevents it from coming back. Cleans & Revitalises: This balanced cleaning formula thoroughly cleanses hair and scalp for revitalised, 100% flake-free** hair
Locks in dandruff-fighting power for a healthy scalp and great hair. Leaves hair with a classic, clean scent.
Clinically proven to leave you up to 100% flake free.^ Go ahead, run your hands through your hair again.
*associated with dandruff
**visible flakes; with regular use
^no visible flakes, with regular use

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