Lynx Men Africa 48H Anti Sweat Antiperspirant Roll On 50ml

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Lynx Africa Antiperspirant Roll On Deodorant combines an exotic mix of warm African spices and aromas. This classic fragrance is designed to keep you cool no matter where the heat’s coming from. Lynx Africa has always been our most popular fragrance. Maximise the technology of Lynx Africa Deodorant by applying at night. The key lies in the condition of your skin; not only is your body’s perspiration rate higher in the morning, but a hot shower will also open your pores, making it less receptive to any antiperspirant applied afterwards. Your skin’s drier and cooler at night, so it has the best possible opportunity to sink in.

• Combining African spices and aromas, Lynx Africa is our most popular fragrance
• A modern masculine fragrance
• Apply on your underarms to feel the difference
• Sweat protection that lasts for 48 hours
• Forget About Sweat, Your Style is Non-Negotiable
• To be applied on your underarms