Colgate Maximum Cavity Protection Cool Mint Toothpaste 120g

$2.49 per 100g
2 99 ea

Strong Inside.
Smiles on the Outside

We're committed to protecting mouths from cavities - and with a new formula that helps add natural calcium (helps add natural calcium from saliva through fluoride action) to their teeth, let's keep them smiling strong.

Colgate Maximum Cavity Protection Toothpaste is:
- Vegan
- Sugar free
- Gluten free
- Responsibly made (to learn more, visit

NEW FORMULA: Colgate Maximum Cavity Protection new formula helps add natural calcium* to teeth (*from saliva through fluoride action)

MAXIMUM CAVITY PROTECTION: New Best Ever* toothpaste formula (*for cavity protection vs the previous formulation)

STRENGTHENS TEETH: Active fluoride formula, strengthens teeth

FRESH BREATH: Great Cool Mint flavour freshens breath

CLINICALLY PROVEN: to strengthen teeth and repair weak spots before cavities start

Size: 120g