Streets Cyclone Ice Blocks 8 x 86ml

$1.12 per 1ea
8 99 ea

SAY GOODBYE SERIOUS, HELLO JOY. Streets Paddle Pop Cyclone stick will blow you away! Paddle Pop Cyclone is an ice block made with real fruit juice and has a refreshing swirl of three delicious fruit flavours! Available in an 8 pack it is perfect for friends and family and a real treat for the kids! A refreshing treat for hot days or the perfect snack all the time, treat yourself to a Paddle Pop today!

Streets ice cream is sold throughout Australia and New Zealand with well-known brands such as Magnum, Viennetta, Paddle Pop, Cornetto, Gaytime and Calippo.

•    Paddle Pop Cyclone is a frozen ice block that will blow you away!
•    Refreshing swirl of three delicious fruit flavours on a stick
•    Delicious flavours of Peach, Pineapple and Blueberry
•    Water ice block Made with Real Fruit Juice
•    Available in a multipack with 8 sticks

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