Durex Play Massage 2 In1 Aloe Vera Lubricant 200ml

$8.00 per 100ml
15 99 ea

Durex Play Massage 2in1 Gel with soothing Aloe Vera is a smooth, silky gel and can be enjoyed as part of a massage or used in intimate areas as a lube, creating a sensual experience for both of you.
-It can ease vaginal dryness and intimate discomfort.
-You can use it with all Durex condoms.

Take off the cap and squeeze gently and smooth the lube onto your intimate areas and all over your body. When you need more, just help yourself. You can use it with all Durex condoms - just smooth over the outside of the condom when it's already on. Please remember though, it's not a contraceptive and it doesn't contains spermicide. Play massage 2 in 1 is suitable for vaginal, anal and oral sex. Play lubricants may slow sperm down, so if you're trying to have a baby, talk to your doctor before use.

Always read the label.
Use only as directed
Reckitt Benckiser, Auckland