Pedigree Meat Variety Wet Dog Food 9pk

10 99 ea

Introducing PEDIGREE Adult Wet Dog Food Meat Variety 9 x 150g Pouches. At the Pedigree brand we believe that every dog deserves a loving home, and that every dog deserves leading nutrition. From over 40 years' of developing Pedigree recipes, we have developed food designed to protect your dog in four ways: to help support a strong immune system, a healthy skin and coat, good digestion and healthy bones. Every pouch of Pedigree food is packed with the nutrition your dog needs to keep them healthy and full of vitality.

*HEALTHY COAT - Enriched with essential oils & minerals to promote healthy skin and a shiny coat.
*BODY BUILDING - Protien rich meat, the essential building blocks for strong muscles.
*VIBRANT HEALTH - Contains antioxidants to help support the immune system to keep your dog healthy and full of life.
*EXTRA ESSENTIALS - Carefully selected vitamins and minerals including calcium and phosphorus to help maintain healthy bones and strong teeth.

Product of New Zealand