Wattie's Tomatoes Chopped In Puree 400g

$0.46 per 100g
1 85 ea

Pick of the Crop™ tomatoes chopped and packaged in purée with no added colours or flavours, this can of vegetables is full of flavour. Use Wattie’s® Tomatoes Chopped in Purée as the base of a tasty pasta sauce, a vibrant curry or a meaty casserole.

Wattie’s® Tomatoes Chopped in Purée is made with New Zealand grown tomatoes, designed to be enjoyed no matter the season. Canned tomatoes are a pantry staple, especially when packaged in purée which adds some depth to the flavour. Use Wattie’s® Tomatoes Chopped in Purée when you cook up a Bolognese sauce, pie fillings, curries and enchilada sauces.

4.5 health star rating

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