Healtheries Stoneground Rye Meal Flour 750g

4 99 ea

Are you looking at the rows of supermarket bread with growing boredom? Nothing jumping out at you saying "eat me!"

Why not give bread making a go yourself with Healtheries Stoneground Rye Meal Flour, which adds a rich colour, nutty flavour and moist texture to your loaf. Being stoneground, none of the goodies have been removed in the milling process so you will get a healthy supply of nutrients.

Rye is similar to wheat but has a lower gluten content, and is a good source of fibre. It is also a source of vitamin B1 and magnesium, and is low in sugar - so your baking just got a whole lot healthier! Plus, for your convenience each pouch is resealable for long lasting freshness!

Contains no Additives. Contains Rye (Gluten).

Product of New Zealand