Ceraclen Silver Dip 500ml

5 00 ea

Ceraclen Silver Dip qucikly removes tarnish from silverware, silver cutlery and small silver items. It cleans in hard to reach places like between fork prongs and leaves a sparkling finish. Best of all it also works on brass and copper.

Refer to important information statement on label before use
Dip item into silver dip for 10secs, if tarnish has not disappeared dip again for a further 10secs up to a maximum of 20sec. If item is too large, soak a cotton ball in silver dip and swab item.
Immediately wash item in soapy water and rinse well
Dry and polish item with a soft cloth
Wash hands thoroughly after use

Important Information:
DO NOT USE SILVER DIP: on Stainless Steel, Iron, Chrome Plate, Artificially Antiqued or oxidized Silver, Pearls or Porous Metals.
Never dip silver items with a bubbled surface or if the plate has worn through to underlying metal. If in doubt refer to item manufacturer for suitability.

Product of New Zealand