Kiwicare No Cockroach Traps Non Toxic 3 Traps & 3 Baits 3ea

$3.66 per 1ea
10 99 ea

Kiwicare NO Cockroach Traps

* Effective for control and monitoring of pest cockroaches.
* Traps are non toxic with no chemicals, making them environmentally friendly and safe for use in kitchens.
* Handy 3 pack

1. Open trap and peel paper cover from glue surface.
2. Open a foil sachet containing a perforated plastic bait pouch/sachet.
3. Place the unopened bait pouch in the centre of the glue board, perforations uppermost.
4. Fold the two sides of the lid over the trap and insert tab on one side into a slot on the other side.
5. Place the trap in a suitable place where cockroaches are or might be a problem. i.e. side of fridge, pantry, laundry, etc.
6. Check traps regularly.

These traps are excellent monitoring tools, giving warning of any new infestations so that pro-active treatment can be carried out. We recommend patience and only changing the traps when there is no more space for cockroaches to contact the sticky surface

Product of New Zealand