Fluffy Divine Blends Warm Vanilla & Creamy Coconut Fabric Softener 900ml

$0.67 per 100ml
5 99 ea

Experience a smooth fragrance blend of warm vanilla layered with creamy coconut.

With Touch Release Technology you'll enjoy up to 10 weeks of tantalising fragrance. Every touch releases fresh scent so your laundry stays delicately fragrant longer.

Divine Blends... experience the divine difference!

Enjoy Fluffy Fabric Softener.

-Leaves your whole wash feeling softer.
-Delicately scents your clothes for up to 10 weeks.
-Makes ironing easier.
-Reduces static cling and creasing.
-Untangles fibres and reduces matting.
-36 washes.

Made in Australia

Suitable for Front and Top load washers