Kiwicare No Rats & Mice Weatherproof 4 Bait Blocks 160g

$5.91 per 100g
9 45 ea

Kiwicare NO Rats & Mice Weatherproof Bait Blocks

* Highly effective, indoor and outdoor control of rats and mice; one feed is all they need
* Weatherproof rodenticide for damp areas
* Highly palatable to rodents for more effective control
* Low eco-toxicity; Reduced risk to pests or scavenging animals
* Use on its own in secure locations where non-target animals cannot access the bait

1. Place bait blocks in dry, sheltered and secluded areas where rats and mice have been feeding or travelling, preferably where rodents can eat without being disturbed.
2. A covered bait station is a great option. E.g. Kiwicare NO Mice or NO Rats One Feed Bait Stations.
3. Check bait daily and continue to top up until control has been achieved.