Aptamil Gold+ Reflux Baby Infant Formula Regurgitation or Mild Reflux From Birth to 12 Months 900g

$3.05 per 100g
27 49 ea

Aptamil Gold+ Reflux is a specialty infant formula for regurgitation or mild reflux. Babies often spit up small amounts of milk after feeding (commonly known as reflux or regurgitation). However, some babies may suffer from more frequent regurgitation. Aptamil Gold+ Reflux has been specially tailored to help reduce the severity and frequency of regurgitation episodes.
- This formula is thickened with carob bean gum, helping the formula to stay in the stomach, which may help reduce the severity and frequency of regurgitation episodes. This is a key element for the dietary management of regurgitation or mild reflux.
- Contains scientifically researched ingredients
- Nutritionally complete for infants aged 0 to 6 months, or suitable for infants aged 6 to 12 months as part of a mixed diet

Not to be used for infants with a diagnosed cows’ milk protein allergy.

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