Whiskas So Fishy Seafood Servings in Loaf Wet Cat Food Pouches 12pk

$0.79 per 1ea
9 49 ea

WHISKAS So Fishy Wet Cat Food Seafood Servings in Loaf 12 X 85g Pouches has been specially designed for adult cats with the right balance of protein, vitamins and minerals needed to support an active and healthy lifestyle. Every pouch is 100% complete and balanced with quality fish for a delicious taste and texture that your cat will love.

Pack includes:
- 4 Pouches with Salmon
- 4 Pouches with Tuna & Salmon
- 4 Pouches with Salmon & Sardine

*Provides 100% of your cat's daily nutrition
*Real fish as the #1 ingredient
*Zinc and a Natural Source of Omega 6 Fatty acid to help support a healthy skin and coat
*Promotes urinary tract health through a high moisture diet that ensures adequate water intake.
*Enriched with calcium and phosphorus for maintaining strong bones and teeth.
*With 3 delicious flavours, to provide the variety your cat loves

Product of New Zealand