Kiwicare No Cockroaches Nest Killer Gel Bait 30g

$28.30 per 100g
8 49 ea

Kiwicare NO Cockroach Nest Killer Gel Bait

* Safe and effective cockroach control
* Easy to use bait to control cockroaches
* Effectively controls adults and nymphs
* Bait is regurgitated to other cockroaches and will kill cockroaches that cannibalise dead cockroaches

1. Squeeze bait onto jam jar lids or small piece of aluminium foil or similar.
2. Place many small amounts of NO Cockroach Nest Killer Gel Bait in places where cockroaches have been seen and where they hide. I.e. behind fridges, freezers, ovens, dishwashers, under sinks and cupboards etc. (Out of reach of children and pets)
3. Repeat the treatment until no more bait is left, or no more cockroaches are seen.

Kiwicare NO Cockroach Fumigator for quick knockdown of numbers and penetrating areas that cannot be sprayed easily.
Kiwicare NO Cockroach Traps for use in kitchens and larders and monitoring for new infestations.

Product of New Zealand