Oi Organic Cotton Super Tampons 16pk

$0.25 per 1ea
3 99 ea

If you prefer tampons to pads, or are planning sports, swimming or any other activities where a tampon is required then the tampon range from Oi is the perfect choice.
•    Comfortable, absorbent and naturally expanding to each woman’s form.
•    Made with 100% certified organic cotton.
•    No synthetic cotton, no toxic sprays, no perfumes and no chlorine bleaching.
•    The most affordable of the Oi tampons, they are discrete, use less packaging and are inserted without an applicator, by hand.
•    Individually wrapped for hygiene.
•    100% biodegradable and recyclable individual box packs.
•    suitable for heavy flow, between 12 and 15 grams

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