Justine's Peanut Butter Choc Chip Protein Cookies 60g

$6.65 per 100g
3 99 ea

Freshly baked, keto friendly and delivering a guilt free, yet smart snacking solution.
Sweet and creamy peanut butter cookie with choc chips giving you a fascinating crunchy and velvety texture.
This delicious soft baked cookie has extremely low carbs (3.5g per serve!) and delivers a protein punch of 17.8g of protein per 60g cookie.
It is wheat and gluten free, bursting with fibre (24%RDI) , 27%RDI of calcium & has no added sugar!
This cookie will keep you fuller for longer, making it the perfect on-the-go alternative.
Long shelf life for the essential pantry item Proudly made in NZ