Continental Salt Reduced French Onion Simmer Soup 35g

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"At Continental we partner with our farmers to grow all of our onions in our soups sustainably - growing crops in a way which minimises water and fertiliser use, protecting the biodiversity of the land and reducing energy consumption and waste. It's not only good for the planet but tastes great!

French Onion Simmer Soup is great as a base soup and is perfect for dips! Combine with sour cream, let it chill and enjoy with vegertable sticks and your favourite crackers or chips for dipping. Great option for easy entertaining or snack in between meals. Go to to find our full range of flavours and more quick soup recipes.

At Continental, we’ve always prided ourselves on the quality of what we produce, from sourcing the best quality ingredients to putting passionate and talented chefs in our kitchens. Now we’re bringing this same passion for quality to our quest for sustainability, because food grown responsibly simply tastes better. "