Kiwicare No Bugs Super Protective Barrier 680ml

$2.43 per 100ml
16 49 ea

Kiwicare NO Bugs Super

* For long lasting protective barrier against 99.9% of common insect pests.
* Professional strength barrier spray,
* One spray protects surfaces for up to 4 months outdoors and 6 months indoors.
* Sprayed surfaces are safe to children and pets.

1. Using a fine spray and a steady motion spray the surfaces to give an even coverage. Do not over spray; the spray should not run down surfaces.
2. If the spray beads on the surface let it dry and then give a second spray.
Two light sprays is better than one heavy spray.
3. A sponge can be a useful way to applying spray solution to window frames and sills without getting product on the glass.

Product of New Zealand