Kiwicare No Rats & Mice One Feed Block 160g

$7.31 per 100g
11 69 ea

Kiwicare NO Rats & Mice One Feed Bait Blocks

* One Feed is all they need!
* Indoor and outdoor use.
* No stronger rodenticide available.
* One feed is a lethal dose to rats and mice.
* Formulated to withstand moisture, damp and heat..
* Octagonal shape gives rodents edges to get their teeth into.
* Contains non-target species deterrent

1. Eliminate as many alternative food sources as possible. Human odours may deter rodents; wear gloves when handling bait.
2. Place baits under cover, along walls or rafters and in dark sheltered areas where there are signs of rodent activity.
For mice — use single bait blocks 5 m apart, or 2 m apart for high infestations.
For rats — use 1 to 3 blocks 10 m apart, or 5 m apart for high infestations.
3. Inspect baits at least every 7 days.
4. For effective control continue to replace eaten bait until feeding ceases. Once rodent activity has ceased ensure untaken baits are removed and safely disposed of.

Product of New Zealand