Mac's Miss Conduct Dry Hopped Pilsner Bottles 6pk

14 99 ea

6 Pack 330ml Bottles.

Not every lager is as strait-laced as it looks. Just like the librarian who’s a roller derby rebel after hours, this badass brew from Mac’s is more than meets the eye. Miss Conduct is a dry-hopped pilsner brewed to score a skilful balance between the sweetness of its malts and the subtle bitterness of its hops. The result is a light, golden coloured beer that has a fruity citrus flavour and a light, crisp finish.

Awarded Highly Commended in the 2020 New World Beer & Cider Awards. Mac’s have gradually extended their range towards more "crafty" styles in recent years. "Dry-hopped" means extra hops are added during the fermentation process for aroma. Gooseberry, lime and peach flavours make for a light and breezy drink.

ABV: 5.2%

Product of New Zealand