Surf Front & Top Loader 5 In 1 Coastal Luxury Laundry Liquid 2l

$7.00 per 1l
13 99 ea

Escape to a coastal paradise with this floral oceanic fragrance. Inspired by the coastal lifestyle, experience a dose of uplifting freshness and a brilliant clean. When it comes to fabulous fragrances, Surf rides high above the wave of other laundry brands.

We are committed to creating quality fragrances that allow you to lose yourself in moments of delight throughout your day, every day.

•    Long-Lasting Freshness Wash After Wash.
•    Be transported to a coastal getaway with the delightful fragrance of Surf Coastal Luxury laundry liquid detergent
•    Brilliant Clean, Even in Cold Water. Say goodbye to dirt and stains.
•    Laundry liquid effective in all washing temperatures
•    Suitable for all washing machine types - including front loader.
•    Long-Lasting Laundry Freshness now in a 2L tub
Surf’s scents will transport you away from household chores to a place of pure pleasure.