Lynx Chill 3 In 1 Bodywash 400ml

4 99 ea

Maybe you're a morning person. Maybe you're a night owl. It doesn't matter... no one wakes up their perfect self. Lynx Ice Chill Men's body wash is the answer. It's epically fresh fragrance of frozen lemon and iced mint refreshes instantly. And then just keeps going. The fresh fragrance of Lynx body wash doesn't just deep clean your skin. It deep cleans you soul. It refreshes your mind, so you start your day right. It puts the care back into men's skin care.

• Leaves you smelling of frozen mint and lemon
• Keeps you fresh for up to 8 hours
• So fresh, you could move in with your Uncle and Auntie in Bel-Air
• Refreshing menthol
• Feel fresh and clean

Lather up with frozen lemon and iced mint, and let its menthol magic transform you into your chillest self. But what if you're a busy person that doesn't have time in the morning? Don't worry fam, we got you on this... Lynx body wash isn't just a body wash.