IAMS Proactive Health Smart Puppy Chicken Dry Dog Food 3.18kg

$11.32 per 1kg
35 99 ea

IAMS PROACTIVE HEALTH Smart Puppy Dry Dog Food is veterinarian recommended and made with real ingredients. Our recipe starts with farm-raised chicken and includes wholesome grains and veggies. Plus, our quality, easily digestible ingredients provide your pup with a strong immune system, healthy skin and coat, and strong bones. Best yet? Omega-3 DHA makes your puppy even smarter. Look for the IAMS difference.

*Real, farm-raised chicken is the 1st ingredient
*Includes 22 key nutrients that are found in a mother’s milk
*Promotes healthy cognition with omega-3 DHA for smarter, more trainable puppies
*Builds strong muscles with quality protein
*Created to fit your puppy’s specific wellness and nutritional needs