IAMS Proactive Health Hairball Care Chicken & Salmon Cat Food 1.59kg

$16.35 per 1kg
25 99 ea

Keep your cats at their best with IAMS PROACTIVE HEALTH Adult Hairball Care Dry Cat Food with Chicken and Salmon—a chicken-first recipe designed to help reduce hairballs before they start and help support digestive health.
For outdoor or indoor cats, this cat kibble is made from high quality proteins like chicken and salmon (chicken is the #1 ingredient) to support a healthy, balanced diet. Plus, with its tailored fiber blend (including prebiotics and beet pulp), it might just be the solution you need to help your cat with hairball control.

*Chicken is the #1 ingredient in this protein-rich cat food to help support strong muscles and to provide healthy energy for play
*Proprietary fiber blend with beet pulp is formulated to help reduce hairballs before they start and to aid your cat’s digestive health
*Crunchy cat kibble texture helps reduce plaque buildup
*Antioxidant enriched for the immune system support healthy adult cats need