Raid Automatic Advanced Multi Insect System 185ml

$16.21 per 100g
29 99 ea

Raid MAX Automatic Advanced Multi Insect Primary

5 in 1 Protection or your Money back Guaranteed!
Protects from flying insects even with windows open
Kills cockroaches (cockroach control, only use on 24hr setting), flies, mosquitoes, & ants
Kills hidden mosquitoes
Lasts 56 days on 12hr setting
Use with all Raid Automatic 185g Primary units

Continuous protection
Raid Max Auto Advanced Multi-Insect System provides continuous protection from flies, mosquitoes, cockroaches (cockroach control only use on 24hr setting) and ants. Choose between 12 or 24hr setting

Advanced Micromist Technology
The electronic dispenser uses Advanced Micromist Technology releases micro particles so fine and light they widely diffuse in the room reaching the insects. Thanks to its better diffusion than a traditional spray, Raid Max Auto Advanced releases the same amount of product in 24hrs as most traditional aerosols release in just 5 seconds (when compared to other Raid Aerosols)

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