Zeffer Rose Cider With Berry Infusion 1l

12 99 ea

1l Bottle.

LIP-SMACKING SUMMERY CIDER: Crafted with freshly crushed Hawke’s Bay apples and infused with locally grown cherries and raspberries, this rosé cider is beautifully balanced and refreshing. This semi-dry cider with fresh berry notes and a coral pink hue goes well with everything really – food, adventure and summer.

No nonsense – just real cider crafted in sunny Hawke’s Bay by a few friends.

Awarded Top 30 in the 2020 New World Beer & Cider Awards. Sparkles like a glass of pink diamonds. Vibrant notes of raspberry, cherry and violets deliver a rich perfume of aromas. The flavour profile is reminiscent of rosé – a coherent blend of sweet berries and just-tannic cider notes.

ABV: 4.8%

Product of New Zealand