Earthsmart Recycled 2ply Toilet Tissue 6pk

$1.17 per 1ea
6 99 ea

6 Pack Long Roll

Innovative EarthSmart 360° Recyclable Paper Pack has paper packaging rather than plastic that can be recycled kerbside or at your local paper recycling facilities.

The toilet tissue inside is made from 100% recycled paper. It takes unwanted office paper destined for the landfill and recycles it into toilet tissue, making it environmentally friendly and sustainable. Made in New Zealand from imported and local materials
The paper & cardboard core is also 100% recycled

Our EarthSmart toilet tissue paper is also;
- Not bleached with chlorine during recycling process
- Soft and absorbent. No added dyes and fragrances
- Biodegradable & safe in septic tanks
- De-inked, enabling a wider range of papers to be recycled
- The recycled paper supplier holds sustainable forest certification

To do our part and help take care of the NZ environment, we are proud to be a sponsor a number of EarthSmart Wetland Restoration projects, from Kaiwaka to Fielding.