Lynx Collision Leather + Cookies 48hr Fresh Deodorant Bodyspray 165ml

$6.49 per 1ea
6 49 ea

Sometimes when the most unexpected things come together, they can create something surprisingly good! New LYNX Leather + Cookies collides two fragrances that seem to clash but instead make a fragrance that is oh-so right. By embracing the unexpected, we encourage guys to unleash their unexpected side and express their best, unique self.

The fragrance Leather + Cookies collides fresh notes with warm notes. The fresh top notes are given by citrus, mint and spices and a subtle new leather scent. These fresh notes are contrasted with the warm notes of vanilla, cookie, maple syrup and creamy musks. Together, these scents result in an unexpectedly sophisticated fragrance that is full of surprises.

But there’s more to this rad Lynx Body Spray than just a surprisingly fresh fragrance. It’s a provider of world class anti-bacterial protection too. In the ongoing war against odour, this men’s deodorant has your back.

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