Botanica Vanilla & Himalayan Magnolia Fragrance Refills 2pk

12 99 ea

All our Botanica fragrances are crafted with exotic natural ingredients, carefully sourced in a way that respects our Planet.

No Dyes

Responsibly Sourced Natural Ingredients

Vanilla and Himalayan Magnolia

Fill your home with the true-to-nature experience of Vanilla & Himalayan Magnolia. Its magnolia essential oil is responsibly harvested in small-batches from Yunnan, a Chinese province adjacent to the Eastern Himalayas. It is then delicately blended with the scent of creamy Vanilla to give it this unique signature.

Nothing but the ingredients you need

Great Fragrance: 100% Fragrance, infused with natural essential oils

Free from: Intentionally added acetone, dyes

Long lasting fragrance for up to 80 days (Based on 8 hours daily usage on minimum setting).