Kiwicare No Germs Hand Sanitiser 100ml

$3.95 per 100ml
3 95 ea

Kiwicare NO Germs Hand Sanitiser

Leaves hands clean, smooth and free of germs. Ideal for use around the home, workplace and while travelling.

* Leaves hands clean, smooth and free of germs
* Glycerine and emollients moisturise and condition skin
* Ethyl alcohol kills germs and destroys viruses
* Handy size for handbags, prams, cars or at home

For thorough sanitisation and hygiene of hands we recommend:

1. Remove jewellery and apply enough NO Germs Hand Sanitiser to palm to keep hand surfaces moist for at least 20 seconds.
2. Rub palms together.
3. Rub between and around fingers.
4. Cover all surfaces of hands and fingers.
5. Rub thumbs.
6. Rub fingertips of each hand in opposite palm.
7. Continue rubbing until hands are dry.

Do not use NO Germs with water and do not dry on paper or cloth towels.