Persil Front & Top Loader Active Dual Capsules 473g

9 99 ea

Persil Dual Capsules with built in pre-treaters for amazing stain removal first time, like grease, oil, mud, grass and chocolate ice cream.

Suitable for all machine types, and will dissolve in both hot and cold washes, these capsules are a convenient way to do your laundry.

We believe that dirt is good for kids. Why? Because every time kids come back with dirt and stains on their clothes, you know they’ve had an adventure! Experiential learning through messy play is essential for a child’s development. Through experiential learning and messy play, children can explore their interests and develop confidence.

Persil Dual Capsules Clean are tough on stains:
- Recommended by leading machine manufacturers
- Persil Dual Capsules Clean and Lift stains in 1 fuss-free capsule
- Amazing first time stain removal - with built in pre-treaters to give clothes a deep clean
- Suitable for all laundry machine types
- Improved closure system for child safety

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