Colgate Smile For Good Smile for Good Protection Peppermint Mouthwash 500ml

$1.54 per 100ml
7 69 ea

Colgate Smile For Good Mouthwash is good for you and better for the planet. It contains everything you need and nothing you don’t* for everyday protection.

It is a 100% naturally derived, vegan formula that is alcohol-free, sugar-free, gluten-free and SLS-free.

Our bottle is made with a 100% Recycled bottle.

Our mission is to make all our products fully recyclable by 2025. By choosing this product today, you're helping to do good for the world of tomorrow.

Use twice daily for a healthier, fresher mouth.

Fill cup to the line (20ml). Do not dilute. Rinse thoroughly for 30 seconds, gargle and expel. Do not swallow.

*We commit to be open and transparent to empower you to make an informed decision. This formula is responsibly made^ and the ingredients provide everyday protection.